2021 Study for improving European Citizens' contribution to reducing the environmental impact of packaging

Written by Sagramola Silvio. Posted in News

Over the years, the initial approach of ECA has evolved, thus adapting to the present and future challenges ... from a perspective of inclusion and respect for differences, but also ... from a perspective of sustainability as the only way to guarantee these rights for the generations to come.

... Among the challenges currently faced, the overexploitation of resources generated by consumerism and environmental degradation, caused by waste, entail a serious threat for environmental balance and for guaranteeing quality of life, even impacting on the survival of future generations. ... For this we have focused our efforts on analysing one of the types of waste that has the most impact on our planet, i.e. packaging waste,.which represents significant contamination of our seas and natural areas.

The study is meant to be an initial document, that will be completed with best practice examples provided by the members of the European Concept for Accessibility Network.

Link to the english version of the study / Enlace a la versión en español del estudio