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Klenovec Monika Anna: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Function : Chief Executive in the organisation design for all – Centre for Inclusive Environments
Address : design for all – Centre for Inclusive Environments | Wilhelmstraße 26 / 1120 Vienna, Austria
Telephone : (professional) +43 69 91 77 88 990
Profession: Architect, Access Consultant, Lecturer and Researcher, Educator
Experience : lecturer and educator for Universal Design and Barrier free Buildings at the Vienna university of technology in the architectural faculty since 1996; support and lecturer of BEST Summer course “Universal Design – Architecture for all” at TU Vienna (2005 and 2006); Schindler Award “Access for all” for European students and schools in architecture – design for all consulting of Austrian participating students (1. price 2006, acknowledgements 2006/2008); expert in Austrian Standards Institute within several technical committees dealing with accessibility: vice-chair of building construction, barrier free buildings, accessible egress routes and consultant in lifts committee; founding member of the Austrian network of barrier free planning consultants, initiator and founder of design for all – Centre for inclusive environments which is the leading organisation of the majority of certified experts of access consultants in Austria; access consultant and designer of several projects e.g. “Light for the World” office in Vienna, special exhibition for INTEGRA in Wels “Lebens(t)raum Wohnen” (life’s dream and living place for all) – demonstrated with a well designed accessible and adaptable family apartment in September 2008; cooperation with 50plus hotels and other tourism facilities; several lecturers, seminars and trainings in accessible built environment, furnishing and product design; author in building related magazines and book co-author; brochure “barrier:free living” for Austrian Federal Ministry for social welfare and consumer policy; research work on adaptable and accessible residential buildings in sustainable environments;
Member of : Austrian national Council of Disabled Persons (ÖAR) - umbrella organisation representing 76 member associations with over 400.000 individual members, ANEC (European consumer voice in standardisation) WG “design for all”, ISO/TC 59 SC 16 “Accessibility and usability of the built environment” (convenor of editorial TG); advisory board of “LivingAll” EU-Project; expert in “build-for-all” EU-Project etc., Austrian delegate in CEN/CLC BT WG "Accessibility for All"